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Induction heater is the best existing heating equipment for low-temperature electrical heating. This is conditioned by the heating principle itself. Application of induction heaters improves ecology, minimizes operational heating costs, and in many cases they are more economically sound than diesel, oil and even gaseous boiling houses. We implement the principle «Install the heater and forget it».


Latest News & Events

july 2020
Creation of a new induction electric heater with a power of 170 kW.
june 2020
Creation of a specialized unique induction gas heater for the petrochemical industry with a heating temperature of up to 500 ° C.
september 2019
Creation and testing of a new control system for induction heaters. The method of triac control was changed, which led to a decrease in electrodynamic loads in the electric coils of the induction heater. This has led to a dramatic increase in the reliability of the induction heater.