High-temperature process heating

Our company produced equipment that based on the principle of induction heating. Including heating of the device up to 350 degrees C. Only induction heating technology allows to create reliable electric heater with high consumer requirements. Our technology is licensed. It provides 98% efficiency on power frequency of 50 Hz.

Currently, there are many technological processes, especially in the food, chemical and petrochemical industries, which require heating of the working environment up to 350 degrees with high reliability and safe operation. Usually, this problem is solved by using obsolete methods of heating up to high temperature.

  1. Using overheated steam being under high pressure and possessing low efficiency.

  2. Using electrode heaters with a short lifetime and low reliability and low operability.

  3. Using other energy sources that require more attention and funding when using.

At the same time, we must solve problems with ecological standards, delivery and storage of fuel, maintenance and repair of heating systems, fire safety and security of material resources. One of the main disadvantages of the existing system is to hire service staff and to control safety measures when operating the high-temperature heating systems.

When dealing with high-temperature devices there is significant human factor influence that can lead to accidents (fires, injuries, deaths etc.) as well as violation of the processing that leads to significant losses and missed profits.

Besides, the design complexity and the need in maintenance and repair of high-temperature heating installations lead to significant costs and resources.

Therefore, there is a need in a reliable, safe, efficient source of heat energy, which installation is possible without updating the existing technological systems.

Induction high-temperature electric heaters are the best modern heating equipment in the field of high-temperature electric devices.

Using the high-induction electric heaters allows minimizing operating costs where they are more favorable than steam generators in more cases. We implement the principle of "the best high-temperature heater is the one that do not bother you.”


Usage of the equipment manufactured by our company allows to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Stand-alone operation

  2. Ecological compatibility.

  3. No need in fuel

  4. Allows to minimized needs in service staff

  5. Reduction in operation costs

  6. Fire safety heating facilities

  7. Improving the reliability of life support

  8. Saving resources

  9. Maximum efficiency

  10. Unpretentious in operation in various climatic conditions

  11.  Simplified installation without changing existing systems

  12.  Ability to backup individual settings and quickly enable them to work

  13. Remote control and monitoring of the operation of heating equipment from the place of duty on the project

To compare with the products of other manufacturers, it is important to include the following features and differences of our systems:

  1. Increase in comparison with other, reliability, durability and safety induction electric heaters.

  2. Undemanding and tolerance to the quality of the coolant

  3. Simplified installation without changing existing systems

  4. Ability to use different liquid as coolant

  5. No need for regular replacement of the coolant in the absence of the appearance of soot on the heating surfaces and the consequent need to regularly stop the production line

  6. No need to constantly attract highly qualified staff

  7. The presence of non-contact control system, that greatly increases the overall reliability of the entire system

  8. The control system of the induction electric heater remote control capabilities. This allows you to fully automate the management of complex electrical heaters to a single control panel. It is also possible remote monitoring of the heaters via the telephone line or GSM

  9. Provide 3-year warranty on the entire unit (not just the heater!).

  10. The use of modern insulating materials to improve the efficiency of the plant

  11. Design features induction electric heater provides high speed coolant through the pipes of the heating element, which improves the removal of heat from the walls of the pipe and reduce the operating temperature of the heating element at 10-15 C.

  12. The possibility of manufacturing special equipment according to customer requirements

  13. The ability to manufacture electric boiler in a separate module at the request of the customer.