Oil flow induction heater (OFIH)

OFIH is used in the production of oil, for heating various fluids in pipelines. This scheme is used to heat an intermediate coolant.

OFIH is a unit consisting of the complete heating module OASIS, a highly efficient heat exchanger and heat engineering strapping.

In the heating module OASIS induction electric heaters are placed in compact transportable containers, equipped with central heating, lighting, ventilation, automatic fire extinguishing system. Induction heaters are equipped with a control system of modulating the power to control the boilers from a remote PC.

In developing OFIH the main opinion was given to safety, reliability and simplicity of the device.




With OFIH we can:

  1. Heating heavy oil.

  2. Heating oil during the winter operation of low-rate wells.

  3. Heating oil before accounting units.

  4. Heat pumping, etc.

  5. Heating fuel oil and other high-viscosity liquids.

Set of OFIH:

  1. Heating unit “OASIS” in modular design.

  2. High efficiency heat exchanger for oil heating.